The hospital has at its disposal a video endoscope equipped with two instruments of 1.5 m. and 3 m. long, respectively, for the airway or stomach examinations.

The possibility of examining various parts in real time with high quality images allows to obtain a definitive diagnosis.
In the diagnosis of the upper airway, large bronchi, stomach and esophagus, the video endoscopy represents the diagnostic method of choice.

In addition to the purely diagnostic use of the video endoscope it has also proven to be a valuable tool to perform biopsies, sterile aspirate from the trachea (tracheal wash) or to inject masses, as in progressive ethmoid hematoma, and can also serve as an aid in mini-invasive surgical procedures of the upper respiratory tract.


Equine Practice Clinic

In its current facilities, active since 1997, a large number of general anesthesias have been carried out in orthopedic (arthroscopies, osteosynthesis and correction of angular deviations of foals), abdominal (colic) and other soft tissue (upper airway) surgical procedures.
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