The Equine Practice LTD is a company founded in 1996 in order to establish a veterinary clinic of excellence devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of performance horses.
For this purpose land was bought and a healthcare facility dedicated specially to the treatment of horses was built.

The experience already gained by founder veterinarians Fernando Canonici, Valerio Serata and Alessandro Buldini enabled to build a healthcare facility designed to perform advanced diagnosis and treatment of sport horses through use of modern diagnostic equipment and implementation of cutting-edge surgical methods. All of which has gained the trust of many owners, trainers and referring veterinarians who have been using the services of the doctors available night and day at the hospital.

Thousands of hospital admissions for diagnosis and treatment of diseases of medical and surgical interest of performance horses have enriched the experience of our staff.
The hospital staff consists of 8 veterinarians, an administrative assistant, as well as the surveillance staff who look after the admitted animals.

The facility, thanks to the enthusiasm, passion and professionalism of the entire staff, evolves continuously with multiple investments and efforts to modernize the equipment in order to enable quality performance abreast with the latest diagnostic and surgical procedures.

The Medical Director



“Diagnosis and management of equine nasal and paranasal sinus disorders”

With Prof. Paddy Dixon

16th – 17th June 2017


Equine Practice Clinic

In its current facilities, active since 1997, a large number of general anesthesias have been carried out in orthopedic (arthroscopies, osteosynthesis and correction of angular deviations of foals), abdominal (colic) and other soft tissue (upper airway) surgical procedures.
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