In addition to surgery hospitalization we offer hospitalization services for medical treatments ranging from simple pharmacological therapeutic treatments for horses who for different reasons cannot be treated at home, to intensive care with continuous monitoring and assistance of a veterinarian 24/7. In the hospital there is a laboratory for analysis that allows to evaluate standard parameters such as: blood count, liver, muscle, kidney profile, cytology and bacteriology exams.

For more complex examinations such as histological exams, anti-doping tests for trading purposes or serological tests for infectious diseases, we make use of internationally recognized external laboratories.


Equine Practice Clinic

In its current facilities, active since 1997, a large number of general anesthesias have been carried out in orthopedic (arthroscopies, osteosynthesis and correction of angular deviations of foals), abdominal (colic) and other soft tissue (upper airway) surgical procedures.
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