Radiology, which could be considered the oldest method, continues to play a key role as it is a diagnostic tool that allows us, in terms of hard tissues, to give a diagnosis on the basis of a still and unequivocal image.
The continuous evolution of materials allows us today to get an excellent image quality, also the safety of operators has much improved with the exposure times to the rays being considerably reduced.

The Equine Practice has a fixed device of great power used for examinations of radiographic regions such as the vertebral column, chest or pelvis of adult horses.

The hospital possesses only systems of Direct Radiography (DR) and exactly three devices, one of those provided with large detector to image the chest, the vertebral column and pelvis with high quality results and another smaller one for the common examination of the limbs. In this respect it is possible to diagnose well-known pathologies, for which, nevertheless, radiograms of high quality are required.

All of this results in greater accuracy in the diagnosis, better treatment choices and optimal recovery times of performance horses.



Equine Practice Clinic

In its current facilities, active since 1997, a large number of general anesthesias have been carried out in orthopedic (arthroscopies, osteosynthesis and correction of angular deviations of foals), abdominal (colic) and other soft tissue (upper airway) surgical procedures.
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