Some diseases of the upper respiratory tract of performance horses are reproducible and diagnosable only under conditions of stress, or during training or during a race. The endoscope dynamic respiratory system (DRS), created and developed in recent years by three manufacturers in Europe, is a cutting edge diagnostic tool for this type of diseases. It is a portable endoscope which is attached to the horse. Through a processor and a recorder placed on the saddle (or in the sulky for trotters) not only it performs the examination but it also sends directly the signal through radio frequency to a screen that allows to remotely view the endoscopic image and stores the video that can be accurately post-processed with slow motion to exactly address the disorders. In this way, once the endoscope is attached to the horse with a suspected respiratory problem, it can be mounted and run as usual (home fast training for gallopers and trotters, hard training and flex flatwork for dressage horses, etc.)

The advantages over dynamic endoscopy performed on the treadmill are considerable: the horse does not need to travel as the instrument is portable and the examination can be carried out in the training grounds. The training of the horse on the treadmill as such is no longer necessary, avoiding various dangers to which the horse is exposed during this process. Also the effects of a new environment or a different type of physical work can be altogether avoided because the training conditions of the horse under dynamic endoscopy correspond exactly to its daily routine.


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