The hospital has modern ultrasound equipment with most of the frequency probes needed for allowing the execution of a wide range of diagnostic investigations.

It is possible to perform ultrasound on soft tissues (tendons and ligaments) and also examine the various joints.

Thoracic ultrasound for the diagnosis of pleuropneumonia, trans-rectal ultrasound for genital diseases as well as abdominal ultrasound in cases of acute abdomen are preformed.

Case studies of recent years have confirmed that these ultrasound exams are of essential importance in the diagnosis of several pathology cases.


Equine Practice Clinic

In its current facilities, active since 1997, a large number of general anesthesias have been carried out in orthopedic (arthroscopies, osteosynthesis and correction of angular deviations of foals), abdominal (colic) and other soft tissue (upper airway) surgical procedures.
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